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Property Title Lawyer Sydney

Most of us buy wares daily and don’t give these transactions a lot of thought. Buying or selling property, however, is a completely different matter. If you are buying property, is the title clear of any encumbrances?

You have a piece of farmland in mind, situated in Sydney’s vicinity. When you visit the place, your future neighbour is friendly enough and helpful with countless anecdotes, but he also points out that he has the permission to use the path crossing your land. Is that truly so? How do you find out?

The house of your dreams is up for sale. The owner is a kind elderly woman who tells you that she’s only selling the bare property, while she wants to remain usufruct for the remainder of her years. This situation leaves you puzzled. Why should you buy a house only to own it, but not be allowed to live in it? Is this legal?

Some arrangements go back many years. Where do you even start to look for the pertaining documents?

Let a Property Title Lawyer in Sydney Assist You

At All Districts Conveyancing, we can help you. Our property title lawyer in Sydney knows where to locate the necessary data about your future house or land. A property title lawyer in Sydney has instant access to old deeds or contracts and will be glad to give you all the advice you need. If you require any property settlements handled on PEXA, contact us online. If you prefer to meet us, give us a call for an appointment.