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Finding Certified Conveyancing Services in North West Sydney, South West Sydney and Throughout the West Sydney Area

If you are preparing to buy or sell property in New South Wales, then you will very likely require the assistance of a conveyancer to help you navigate the process. At All Districts Conveyancing, we provide conveyancing services in West Sydney and throughout NSW as a whole. We run a flexible and mobile service, which means that we can come to you for most meetings or consultations, or can conduct business via telephone or fax. This convenience factor, combined with our credentials and certification, make us a reliable partner for real estate transfers and transactions.

What Is a CPC?

At All Districts Conveyancing, we have earned the right to advertise ourselves as a CPC. ‘CPC’ stands for ‘Certified Practising Conveyancer’ and is a certification from the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

Per the AIC, conveyancers ‘entitled to use the CPC title’ are those ‘who annually meet the standards set by each Division to maintain best practice through constant professional development.’ The different divisions of the AIC are split up based on State or Territory. New South Wales constitutes its own division.

In short, the CPC certification shows that, at All Districts Conveyancing, we have taken the necessary steps to stay current on the latest practices and technologies in our industry. That fact, along with our 10 years in business and our two senior practitioners’ 40 years of combined industry experience, marks us as a firm you can count on for conveyancing services in North West Sydney and beyond.

Pursuing North West or South West Sydney Conveyancing Services from an AIC Member

In addition to carrying the Certified Practicing Conveyancing title, All Districts Conveyancing is also a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers. That membership is beneficial to our clients and us for numerous reasons. We receive ongoing support, assistance and informational resources from the AIC. We also earn the right to attend regular conferences and other educational and training sessions throughout NSW.

These opportunities have afforded us with the opportunity to grow, learn and evolve over the course of our first decade as a business. Furthermore, the networking and cooperation opportunities that we have gained through the AIC have been invaluable in helping us to provide conveyancing services throughout the entire territory.

The real estate transfer process is a complicated one, filled with paperwork, jargon, negotiations and potential stumbles. By turning to All Districts Conveyancing for your conveyancing services in South West Sydney, you can know that we have dedicated many years and plentiful effort into learning this business inside and out. Choosing a CPC to handle your property transaction is wise because you know that all of the ongoing training and development will be applied to provide you with a better service. Since ‘a better service’ in this realm means fewer headaches, monetary savings and a quicker property settlement—among other advantages—it’s clear why many buyers or sellers seek out CPC organisations for their conveyancing services.

Are you interested in learning more about All Districts Conveyancing, our CPC certification or our AIC membership? Call us on 1300 139 360 to talk.