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Getting Ready for Settlement Day with the Help of Your Conveyancing Services Firm in Burwood, Canada Bay or Canterbury

Are you in the process of preparing for settlement day on a property purchase? If so, then engaging the help of a conveyancing services firm in Burwood, Canada Bay or Canterbury is a wise choice to make to ensure you check all of the requisite boxes. At All Districts Conveyancing, we will help you make sure that you are prepared for the final property transfer—from reviewing your contracts to helping you negotiate with the seller.

Understanding Settlement Day

One of the things that your conveyancing services provider in Canada Bay or Canterbury will do for you is to help you to understand what happens on settlement day. A property settlement is essentially the ‘finish line’ in the property transfer process. You, your real estate agent, your conveyancer and your bank or lender meet with a similar team of representatives from the seller’s side to sign the necessary documents and finalise the property transfer. Neither you nor the seller necessarily need to be present for this process, and it might even take place online. How the property settlement occurs can vary from transaction to transaction, but the basics of the day remain more or less standard.

Essentially, your lender will arrive at property settlement with a mortgage prepared for the new title and property. In addition, the lender will have the cheque necessary to purchase the new property, as provided by the mortgage loan.

All Districts Conveyancing, meanwhile, will represent your interests at the property settlement meeting—a role that can mean numerous things. We will make sure any mortgages from previous properties have been paid off, settled and released. We will go through the Contract of Sale to make sure the seller has met all clauses. We will ensure than any easements on the property title have been removed and settled. Finally, we will ensure that the title is officially transferred to your name and that the mortgage for the new property is officially registered—both steps that must be checked with the NSW title office.

Preparing for Settlement Day, with the Help of Conveyancing Services in Canterbury, Burwood or Canada Bay

When you hire All Districts Conveyancing for our conveyancing services in Burwood, Canterbury or Canada Bay, you don’t just do so for assistance with settlement day. On the contrary, from the moment you decide to put an offer on a property, we will be there to help you through the process. Perhaps most importantly, we will draw up the Contract of Sale and review all other paperwork to ensure that it reflects your best interests.

Among other factors, the Contract of Sale will include the agreed-upon date for the final property settlement. Before the settlement arrives, All Districts Conveyancing will help you to schedule a final inspection of your property to check for last-minute issues. Broken appliances, structural issues, infestations, mould and other problems or defects can violate or void terms in the Contract of Sale. If the seller fails to meet certain clauses in the contract, we will negotiate in your favour to get those issues fixed—even if it means delaying the final property settlement.

The final property settlement in a real estate transaction is a major milestone for most people—particularly first-time homebuyers. Make sure you are ready for the big day, with the help of All Districts Conveyancing! Call us on 1300 139 360 to engage our services.