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What a Conveyancing Company Can Do for You in North West Sydney, South West Sydney and West Sydney

The process of buying a new house can be complicated and strenuous. You spend weeks looking for your dream house, going to showings and open inspections in search of a place to call home. When you finally find the right house, it can feel like a huge weight off your shoulders. You’ve searched high and low, and you have finally found the place to make your home.

However, once you actually find your dream home, the process is still far from over. In fact, locating a house you are interested in purchasing is merely the first step on a much longer adventure. Now that you have finished the search, you move into the legal side of the process, which can introduce major stressors and hurdles of its own.

Time to Hire a Conveyancer in North West Sydney

Indeed, the next stage of the property transfer process is populated with legal jargon and complicated steps. Typically, these steps are difficult to navigate for someone unfamiliar with the legalese of real estate contracts. For this reason, both buyers and sellers alike will typically hire a conveyancer at this stage in the process.

At All Districts Conveyancing—a conveyancing firm based in West Sydney—we can help you through the legal hurdles of the property transfer process. In general terms, our job is to be the defender of your interests throughout the property settlement and transfer stages.

Of course, our specific duties vary depending on which side of the real estate transaction we are arguing. If you are buying your first home, for instance, we will focus on the property you are purchasing. Here are just a few of the responsibilities our conveyancing professionals in South West and North West Sydney will shoulder:

  • We will research the property looking for easements or liens that the seller may not have mentioned.
  • We will help you to negotiate with the property vendor or their real estate agent, whether that means fighting for a lower price or arguing contractual stipulations to suit your interests.
  • We will prepare the Contract of Sale, review the Vendor’s Statement and handle other legal documents pertaining to the real estate transfer.
  • We will handle the property settlement step, finalising the purchase of the property and acting as a bridge between your financial institution and the vendor.

If you are selling a home at the same time as you are purchasing a new one, meanwhile, All Districts Conveyancing will take on additional roles. For sellers, we provide the following services:

  • We will prepare the Vendor’s Statement and review or arrange all other paperwork.
  • We will represent your interests in negotiations with the buyer, including back-and-forth dealings over sale price, contractual stipulations, title questions and more.

Get Assistance with Your Real Estate Transfer Today

In general, All Districts Conveyancing is there to guide you through the process of a real estate transfer and make sure that all of your interests are served as closely as possible. By hiring our conveyancing professionals in North West Sydney, South West Sydney or throughout the West Sydney area, you will be able to eliminate some of the stress of the property transfer process. No longer will you have to worry about the legalese or negotiations, because we will handle both for you.

Are you interested in finding assistance for your real estate transfer in Sydney? Call All Districts Conveyancing on 1300 139 360 to get started.