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Tips on Hiring a Conveyancing Lawyer in Sydney

Hiring a conveyancing lawyer in Sydney is an important piece of the journey to home ownership. What if we told you, though, that you could hire a conveyancing professional who focuses solely on property transactions, without the distraction that most solicitors face throughout the day-to-day course of their practice? You would probably be thrilled. We’re All Districts Conveyancing, and property deals are all we handle. You won’t have to wait forever for an appointment or feel your case is not important. We pride ourselves on doing one thing, and doing it well. Our concentration on conveyancing, unlike a lawyer in Sydney, allows us to give you personalised, prestige service. Our warm, friendly staff is here for you, and your questions and concerns about the process will never be brushed aside.

Just as a conveyancing lawyer in Sydney would do, All Districts Conveyancing also recommends the purchase of title insurance for residential property. For what is usually a “once-off” fee, you gain protection against some of the common pitfalls of buying a home, including illegal or unapproved structures. While outdoor structures are popular, they are not always built with the approval of the local Council, which may order them to be taken down. Title insurance helps protect you against any loss resulting from an unapproved structure. Title insurance also aids in situations like property encroachment and zoning issues that lead to eviction.

Our Certified Practicing Conveyancer (Amanda Williams, license ##1116485) will look over your conveyancing file, and give it the attention it needs to move to completion quickly.