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Property Settlement Conveyancers Sydney

Handle Property Settlements Online, with the Help of Conveyancers in North West Sydney, South West Sydney and West Sydney

A property settlement is the final stage of a property transaction. This step takes place after all of the negotiations and contract revisions have been finalised, when all that is left is to sign the paperwork. Traditionally, this final stage of the property transaction process involves a meeting of all the various parties. Everyone gets together at a mutually agreed upon location, signs the necessary paperwork and shakes hands. In addition to being one last legal hurdle to clear, the property settlement is also the symbolic ‘finish line’ for buying or selling a property.

The issue with property settlements is that, logistically, they can be incredibly difficult to arrange. Finding a time and location where everyone can gather together—including the buyers, the sellers, representatives from both of their banks, real estate agents and conveyancers—is no easy feat.

Simplify the Process with PEXA

At All Districts Conveyancing, we understand that you don’t want to wait days or weeks until everyone can meet for a property settlement meeting. If you are selling a property, you want to get the legal property transfer out of the way so that funds from the sale can be disbursed to you. If you are buying, meanwhile, you want to hurry up the process so that you can get your hands on the keys to your brand new property.

For these reasons, our conveyancers in West Sydney use the PEXA system to simplify the property settlement process. PEXA is ‘Australia’s online property exchange.’ It is a thoroughly secure system through which we can handle property settlements via the internet. Instead of having to get everyone together in one building—likely in Sydney’s CBD—PEXA allows ‘conveyancers, land registries and financial institutions to transact together, online.’

At All Districts Conveyancing, we have been working as conveyancers in North West Sydney and South West Sydney for a decade now. Working with PEXA, we have seen how much an online system can help with the property settlement process. Not only does the online system eliminate the need for you or your real estate agent to be physically present at the property settlement, but it also accelerates and de-clutters the process in general. With PEXA, there is less paperwork and less wait time for funds to clear. The exchange also verifies the identities of all subscribers before property settlements can take place—a feature that PEXA says helps to fight fraud.

Hire Our Online-Oriented Conveyancers in South West Sydney or North West Sydney Today

For our 10 years of existence, All Districts Conveyancing has always been dedicated to making life more convenient for our clients. We believe that PEXA furthers this goal, and are happy to use the online exchange to accelerate and simplify the property settlement process for you.

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