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Why You Need a Conveyancer, Instead of a Solicitor, for Your Sydney Property

A professional conveyancer, instead of a solicitor in Sydney, is the best choice for handling your property transactions. Rather than getting bogged down with a wide assortment of legal cases, a conveyancer such as All Districts Conveyancing can focus just on property deals. We have an intimate knowledge of the process, including potential pitfalls and common errors. The advantage to you as the home buyer is that you get the experience and knowledge of people who are dedicated to conveyancing. A conveyancer who is also a solicitor in Sydney may have property experience, but their schedule may not allow for prompt handling of your documents and questions. With court dates and other interruptions, a solicitor may not be able to prioritise your case.

With premier personal service from All Districts Conveyancing, we can assure you of attention to detail and a rapid response from the best document handlers in the business. We’re efficient, on time, and love helping our clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. All client files are overseen by our Certified Practicing Conveyancer Amanda Williams (license number 1116485). Amanda has almost twenty years of experience in conveyancing and knows how to make the process go smoothly. We help you relax when it comes to all the paperwork – you don’t even need to come into the office. We can handle everything by phone, fax, and email. Call All Districts Conveyancing, and we’ll show you why a conveyancer, not a solicitor in Sydney, is the best choice for your real estate transaction.